Life After This - Vision Board Workshop

Life After This - Vision Board Workshop.  The workshop was held at Pacific Garden Mission in 2018.  We had a wonderful time sharing with the women at the mission. In respect for their privacy we couldn't post all of their pictures. However, here is the dynamic team that worked hard to gather donations of items for the care packages and put them together along with one participant and the shelter director. Together we worked with the women to help their shift their focus from their current situation to reflect on their dreams and goals.  We helped them to see that they could use their "This" as a stepping stone to get to where they want to be.

The Team

Each participant received a package that contained personal hygiene items including feminine hygiene products, socks, wash cloths, toiletries and foot and hand warmers. Care Package Giveaway

After our brainstorming and girl talk session, we supplied the women with poster boards, magazines and all the crafting supplies they needed to create their vision boards. Here are the finish products:Vision Boards 

The event was life changing for us all. It helped us all to see that your "This" doesn't have to be your end. Sometimes a simple shift of the mindset can change the whole trajectory of a your life. 

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