Join us for Raising Highly Capable Kids Workshops

Parenting kids today can be a real challenge.  Kids are influenced by so many things today that were not available to many parents when they were growing up. While it may seem like the odds are stacked against you as a parent, we've found a way to combat it all. We do this through our workshop, Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK). 

RHCK takes a deep dive into the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets to help give parents and caregivers confidence and skills that their research has shown are needed to raise healthy, caring and responsible children. As a part of Sunshine Gospel Ministries Familyhood Programming, I was fortunate to take this RHCK with the director as my facilitator.  I was so excited when she offered me an opportunity to facilitate my own cohort and I've been facilitating ever since. My third cohort will be held on Thursdays this Spring. The workshops are currently being held virtually. It would be a pleasure to have you participate. To sign up please use the information on the flyer. You won't regret it.